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Macadamia Nuts on a Mission


We are a strong collection of Kenyan farmers that over generations have nurtured and respected the land. Through the combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, we have produced a macadamia nut free from the harms of corporate and commercialized farming techniques that strip macadamias of their flavor and nutrition while abusing the surrounding land and communities.

We are real people that love our orchards and are proud to share with you the tastiest and most pure macadamia nut from the heart of Africa. Our macadamias are super foods full of nutritious value to elevate the diets of the human family. We are confident that as you try our macadamia nuts, that you'll taste the difference. 

On top of harvesting the cleanest macadamia nuts, we donate a macadamia tree seedling to our fellow local Kenyan farmers for each purchase. You can be sure that your purchase will bring incredible flavor and nutrition to your home while blessing the lives of our small community.

We can not wait to share our natural, organic love with you through our macadamias.

- Macadamia Farmers from Lukhuna Village






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